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An Exploratory Study on the Features and Communication Effects of Science Communication Websites across the Taiwan Strait: The Cases of Guokr.com and PanSci.tw
作者 黃惠萍、劉臻、智飛
Author Huiping HUANG, Zhen LIU, Fei ZHI
關鍵詞 《泛科學網》、《果殼網》、科普、科普網站、科學傳播
Keywords PanSci.tw, Guokr.com, scientific popularization, science communication website, science communication
摘要 科學技術滲入人類生活各方面,透過科普增加一般大眾對科學的理解,已是現代社會的重要課題。新傳播科技的發展,更帶動海峽兩岸新一波的科普運動。本研究以《果殼網》和《泛科學網》為例,運用內容分析探討兩岸科普網站的特色及其影響科普傳播效果的情形。研究發現,兩岸科普網站發布的文章在科學主題、標題生動性、文章生動性、互動性及可信度上,都存在顯著差異。兩個網站的科學主題多元,都關注生物和人文科學,但《果殼網》較偏重生醫及地球科學領域,《泛科學網》則較重視物理、資訊及數學領域,反映兩地學科發展的不同趨勢。此外,《泛科學網》的文章及標題更具生動性,也更重視不同消息來源的多元意見,《果殼網》則呈現較高的互動性。這些差異與網站的經營模式有關,也反映兩岸公民社會的不同進程。分析亦指出,科普文章的生動性和可信度,都可預測兩岸科普網讀者的分享數。本研究結果對科普網站的規劃與文章的呈現,皆具重要參考意義。
Abstract Science and technology have played a critical role in human life. Increasing public understanding of science through scientific popularization has become particularly important today. The development of new communication technology has resulted in a new scientific popularization movement across the Taiwan Strait. This study takes Guokr.com (Mainland China) and PanSci.tw (Taiwan) as examples and uses content analysis to compare the different features of the two science communication websites. It also explores the effects of these features on the science communication process. The results show that articles posted on the two websites differ significantly in terms of science themes, headline vividness, article vividness, interactivity, and credibility. The science themes on both websites are diverse. While both emphasize medicine and humanities, Guokr.com is more concerned about biology, medicine, and earth science, while PanSci.tw is more concerned about physics, information science, and mathematics. The differences reflect the dissimilar development of subjects in the two societies. Moreover, articles and headlines on PanSci.tw are more vivid, whereas authors on Guokr.com are more interactive. Compared to those on Guokr.com, articles on PanSci.tw also place greater emphasis on diverse opinions from various sources. The findings reflect the management models of the two websites as well as the different kinds of progress of their respective civil societies. The results further show that the vividness and credibility of articles on the two websites predict how many times readers will share these articles. Overall, this study provides valuable findings and suggestions for science communication website design and the presentation of science articles.


黃惠萍、劉臻、智飛(2017)。〈兩岸科普網站特色與傳播效果初探:以《果殼網》和《泛科學網》為例〉。《傳播與社會學刊》,第39 期,頁93–132。

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Huang, H., Liu, Z., & Zhi, F. (2017). An exploratory study on the features and communication effects of science communication websites across the Taiwan Strait: The cases of Guokr.com and PanSci.tw. Communication & Society, 39, 93–132.
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