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Talk about Cancer! Exploring Communication between Patients and Family Caregivers
作者 盧鴻毅、林書帆、黃建勳、李修慧(釋普安)、馬立君
Author Hung Yi LU, Shu Fan LIN, Chien Hsun HUANG, Hsiu Hui LEE (Pu Ann Bhikkhuni), Li Chun MA
關鍵詞 癌症、傳播隱私管理、家庭溝通模式、主題迴避
Keywords cancer, communication privacy management, family communication patterns, topic avoidance
摘要 本研究以「家庭溝通模式」與「傳播隱私管理」作為理論基礎,深度訪談五位癌症病患及六位家庭照顧者,了解他們在抗癌及陪病的照顧過程中,如何討論「癌症」這件事。研究發現,癌症病患得知自己罹病後,往往會先默默處理自我情緒,之後再決定該告知誰,該透露多少與病情有關的訊息,以便掌控自我的疾病隱私;至於家庭照顧者面對家人罹癌情況下,會考量病患的年齡及個性等因素,決定對病患「隱瞞」或「揭露」多少與罹癌有關的訊息。研究結果也發現,病患或家庭照顧者在溝通過程中,彼此之間基於「保護對方」為由,往往避談「死亡」這個議題,即便是「高溝通導向」型態的家庭,也難以克服這個溝通難關。
Abstract Based on the perspectives of family communication patterns (FCP) as well as communication privacy management (CPM), this one-on-one in-depth study interviews five cancer patients and six family caregivers so as to investigate communication between patients and family caregivers. The findings show that patients tend to remain silence at the very beginning when they are diagnosed with cancer. Later on, patients decide who will be informed and what will be disclosed. By doing so, patients have their wills to manage privacy related to being a cancer patient. Family caregivers tend to avoid talking issues about “end-of-life” with patients. Communication about “end-of-life” between cancer patients and family caregivers is also difficult and not effective in highly-communication-oriented families.



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Lu, H. Y., Lin, S. F., Huang, C. H., Lee, H. H., & Ma, L. C. (2020). Talk about cancer! Exploring communication between patients and family caregivers. Communication & Society, 51, 31–74.
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