July  2020 53
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Public Relations Ethics in the Age of Social Media: Identifying the Ethical Values and Challenges
作者 鄭怡卉
Author I-Huei CHENG
關鍵詞 公關專業倫理、社群媒體、新媒體
Keywords PR ethics, social media, new media
摘要 網路社群媒體為公關人員帶來了更多與公眾溝通互動的管道與機會,但實務上也出現一些為社會所關注而有爭議的現象,例如企業匿名設立部落格、僱用部落客,或以非真實的身份於討論區發文,顯見社群平台作為公關工具,其中涉及了倫理道德議題,有許多值得討論的空間。回顧既有公關文獻針對社群媒體與專業倫理的著墨仍屬有限,因此透過與高階公關專業經理人的深度訪談,本論文嘗試描繪新媒體時代下公關專業倫理議題所面臨之挑戰。訪談結果發現新媒體工具對於公關人員的實務工作頗為重要,其中新傳播工具的高度互動性與資訊即時性也形成了大量內容產製的壓力,價值判斷上也面臨了挑戰,例如網路資訊的正確性與揭露程度,以及網路平台的匿名性與隱私權議題,從中公關人員必須面對不同情境執行核心價值的判斷與利益的取捨。
Abstract Social media provides newer opportunities for public relations practitioners to communicate and interact with the public. Some uses of social media, however, such as fake blogs, paid blog posts, and fake posts on online forums, are controversial and have received public attention. The ambiguity in the ethical issues involving the use of social media as a public relations tool suggests a need for further investigation for both academia and industry. Given the limited literature on public relations ethics focused on social media, the current study is aimed at exploring the ethical challenges imposed by new media through in-depth interviews with senior public relations managers in Taiwan. It was found that new media has become an important part of public relations practices today and that its high interactivity and rapid speed of information flow bring about a stronger demand for content production and more tasks of ethical considerations, such as information accuracy and disclosure, anonymity, and privacy on the internet. Findings also suggest that public relations managers can play an influential role by making ethical decisions while considering both the core values and a set of situational factors.



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Cheng, I-H. (2020). Public relations ethics in the age of social media: Identifying the ethical values and challenges. Communication & Society, 53, 91–123.
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