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網絡新聞文本公共商議性研究 — 以新冠疫情初期中國大陸相關報導為例
Deliberative Analysis of Online News: A Case Study of Vaccine-Related News during the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mainland China
作者 章平、楊肖光、戴笑凡、曾詠祺、洪子陽
Author Ping ZHANG, Xiaoguang YANG, Xiaofan DAI, Yongqi ZENG, Ziyang HONG
關鍵詞 新冠疫苗、公共商議、信息質量
Keywords COVID-19 vaccine, public deliberation, information quality
摘要 本文以中國大陸新冠疫苗報導為研究對象,探索性地對網絡新聞文本是否具有商議特性進行總體性考察。採取混合研究法,以計算社會科學中的主題模型為主要方法,同時對重點文本進行深入人工解讀。研究結果顯示:(1)從包容性角度,較為完整地呈現了新冠疫苗問題的複雜維度和發展脈絡。但同時大量表揚性、同質性文本被廣泛傳播,損害了文本的多樣性。(2)從互動性角度,商業門戶網站承擔著信息擴散角色,但大量宣傳性報導充斥其間。普通民眾與其他四類主體在議題關注和文本框架上形成較大反差,形成「傳播力度強但對話性薄弱」之特點。(3)從理性角度,文本情感充沛、情感兩極分化嚴重,形成「對外批評對內謳歌」之特點。上述發現表明,網絡新聞文本雖具有部分商議性特徵,但與公共商議精神要義仍相去甚遠。
Abstract This study analyzed the text of COVID-19 vaccine news that appear on the Internet in mainland China to identify the deliberation feature of online news reports in a holistic way. Using a mixed research approach, we analyzed the large scale of news reports by topic modeling method and interpreted the result from the theoretical perspective. The findings show that, first, in terms of inclusiveness, the news text presents the complex dimensions and context of the COVID-19 vaccine, while a large proportion of homogeneous praising texts also damage the diversity of the texts. Second, from the perspective of interactivity, business portals take the role of information diffusion but disseminate similar texts. Ordinary people and professional media organizations represented by the central media showed a huge contrast in terms of topic concerns and text frames, which we describe as dissemination with weak communication. Third, from a rational point of view, texts are generally full of emotions, with a sharp polarized contrast of the positive emotions toward domestic issues and negative emotions toward international ones. The above findings indicate that while the online news text has some deliberative characteristics, it is still far from the essence of public deliberation.

章平、楊肖光、戴笑凡、曾詠祺、洪子陽(2023)。〈網絡新聞文本公共商議性 研究 —以新冠疫情初期中國大陸相關報導為例〉。《傳播與社會學刊》, 第63期,頁67–100。

Citation of this article:
Zhang, P., Yang X., Dai X., Zeng Y., & Hong Z. (2023). Deliberative analysis of online news: A case study of vaccine-related news during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mainland China. Communication and Society, 63, 67–100.
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