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Data Activism: Initiatives, Practices, and Connections among NGO Workers and Open-Source Communities in a Platformized Civil Society
作者 蔡蕙如
Author Hui-Ju TSAI
關鍵詞 公民科技、批判的數據研究、數據行動主義、數位權利、平台化
Keywords civil tech, Critical Data Studies (CDS), data activism, digital rights, platformization
摘要 本研究將從數據行動主義(data activism)的概念出發,反思當代平台資本主義發展過程中所造成的市場壟斷、資訊傳播管道的無形限制、資料濫用與隱私權、新型態的僱傭關係、新消費者行為分析測試現象。在批判的數據研究取徑(Critical Data Studies, CDS)的框架下,透過數據識讀(data literacy)的角度與倡議與主動型數據行動主義的分類,分析目前在台灣數據行動主義的三個案例與其實踐網絡:開源社群「零時政府」(g0v)的資料開源與協作;人權組織「台灣人權促進會」的資訊人權倡議行動;以及環保團體「綠色行動公民聯盟」的公民共創透明足跡2.0平台「掃了再買APP」,收集和公開有關商品的所有生產資訊(例如:污染和罰款記錄)。本研究檢視台灣數據行動主義的發展與類型,初步以三個組織為案例比較,試圖展示當代公民團體發展數據工具與平台策略的幾個可能的方向,並且指出數據公共化的行動方向與可能性
Abstract This article begins by describing the concept of data activism before reviewing the phenomenon of market monopolization resulting from the development of contemporary platform capitalism, invisible restrictions on information dissemination channels, data abuse and privacy rights, new employment relations, and recent consumer behavior analyses. Furthermore, the article applies critical political-economic communications, the Critical Data Studies (CDS) research approach, the public understanding of big data (PUBD) framework proposed by Michael and Lupton (2016), and data literacy to analyze three practices of data activism in Taiwan: open-source data and collaboration among the open-source community of “g0v”; the human rights organization, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, which advocates for digital rights, and an environmental organization, Green Citizens’ Action Alliance, which aims to create a transparent footprint through the 2.0 platform “Sweep and Buy” APP by collecting and posting all information regarding commodities (e.g., pollution penalties and penalty records). These three models of data activism practices allow us to reconsider the crisis in data-driven surveillance. The only way to monitor Big Tech companies is to treat them as public services in the new digital civil society.


Citation of this article:
Tsai, H.-J. (2023). Data activism: Initiatives, practices, and connections among NGO workers and open-source communities in a platformized civil society. Communication and Society, 64, 29–62.
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